student debt forgivenessYou have options

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 43.3 million Americans have student loan debt that equals a total of $1.26 trillion. With that amount increasing annually, it's no surprise that more people are interested in student debt forgiveness. While there are several methods for erasing a student loan debt, they come with restrictions and qualifications. The more you know about qualifying for student debt forgiveness, the better able you will be to tackle this issue.

Many people are surprised to learn that bankruptcy rarely wipes out student loan debt. Although it's technically an unsecured debt, bankruptcy codes have developed to allow student loans to be treated the same way that criminal fines and unpaid child support are handled. This means that someone who files for bankruptcy may emerge without credit card debts and medical bills, but their student loans will remain intact.

chapter 11 bankruptcyThe Pros and Cons 

Everything is great - you have a beautiful family, the house you always wanted, a career you love, a nice car, designer clothes, expensive jewelry and the country club membership. You never dreamed you'd be this happy. Then the unthinkable happens: your company downsizes and you lose your job; and then you find out your spouse has run off with someone younger and filed for divorce. You're losing everything all at once! What do you do? Is bankruptcy an option to keep the creditors at bay? You need to find a lawyer who specializes in Chapter 11 bankruptcy Savannah GA.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is used most often by businesses, but can be useful to some individuals and small business owners who don't qualify for Chapter 13. Chapter 11 offers a reorganization of debts that can be repaid over time. Depending upon the size of the bankruptcy, it can take a period of time from a few months to a few years to emerge from it.


credit cardsWhile credit cards can be a useful financial tool, they can also create a problem for those who don't understand how their cards work and wind up in debt. Whether you already have credit card debt Savannah GA or you want to avoid getting in too deep with your cards, here are some Credit Card Debt secrets that your financial institution won't tell you.

1. Be Aware of "Gray" Charges

Gray charges is a term used to describe fees and charges that while not technically illegal, may be deceptive. Think the monthly fee for a "free" trial that you never canceled and additional fees added on after the fact to a purchase you approved (sometimes called "zombie" fees). Check your credit card statement monthly and dispute any charges you haven't explicitly approved.

credit scoreThe Double Edged Sword of Credit Card Debt 

Debt due to Credit card overuse is an epidemic throughout the United States. Reports from various sources such as the site state that more than 160 million American adults have at least one credit card, and many of them have at three or more. Statistics also indicate that the average American household owes about $15,000 in credit card debt. This complication affects people of all races and economic status. In other words, credit card debt does not discriminate.<--break-><--break-><--break-><--break->

Debt Collection

Debts have a way of keeping you awake at night because of the thought of losing your home or other assets. A worrisome debt stays at the back of your mind every day until you clear it, especially if you have creditors contacting you at all hours of the day and night. Something that will ease your concerns is this: there are provisions that a debtor has under the law that protects them from harassment by the creditor or their appointed collectors. When the creditor cannot collect from you, they will most probably forward it to a debt collector.  

The collector makes a commission, based on the amount of money they collect. They could also buy the debt off from the creditor so that they become the new creditors. They will, therefore, be on your back in a highly motivated way, calling you repeatedly to attempt collection.

bankruptcy attorney savannah GAIf you’re considering filing for bankruptcy in Savannah, Georgia, you might be wondering how the bankruptcy process works or whether or not you need to invest in the added expense of hiring a lawyer. After all, you are already short on money- who needs the extra cost of having to hire someone to help? The following Bankruptcy Attorney Savannah GA FAQ should help:

Debt Consolidation Many people seek out unsecured loans to pay off debt at extremely high interest rates without being fully aware of just how much trouble they can cause down the line. In the event that you find that you have been trapped by the high interest rate of an unsecured debt loan, or you have multiple creditors calling, you might be able to find relief through debt consolidation. Debt consolidation can be extremely helpful for simplifying your payments. In addition, the help of a debt consolidation lawyer can save you a significant amount of interest you are obligated to pay over the life of your loan payments.

Foreclosure definitionAre you a homeowner struggling against the possibility of a foreclosure? You have several decisions to make about your home before the foreclosure gets any further. Is it worth fighting the foreclosure? Is it worth paying an attorney to help you with the foreclosure? What are your options that might allow you to keep your home? Do you have a valid defense to the foreclosure? An attorney can assist you in some cases, you may just want to stay in your home so you need extra time during the foreclosure or while the bank is finishing it.

raise my credit scoreThe list of reasons to reduce your debt is lengthy. From a simple desire to raise your credit score to achieving financial independence, the reasons are many. Maybe you want to save for the future. Maybe your debts are overtaking your income and ability to pay them off in a timely way. Most of us have at least some debt, but all of us would like to see those monthly payments disappear! As a side benefit, your credit score will rise. This benefits you in many ways you may not even be aware of. Far better terms on home and auto loans, lower rental rates, better credit card deals, and yes, a higher credit score says something about your responsibility level to possible employers and others.

Defeat Your Debt and Raise Your Credit Score

If you've ever asked yourself, "How can I raise my credit score?" We’d like to share with your some steps to making it happen.We’d like to show you five proven methods for personal debt reduction that you can implement right away and start enjoying the benefits of being in control of your money instead of the other way around.

debt consolidation loansWhen you are facing a large amount of personal debt, it might seem sensible to start brainstorming the different ways to solve your problem. Two of the most common options people consider are using an attorney or a debt settlement company. While both of these options are logical choices, GA Debt Relief would like you to let you in on a few things about debt settlement companies that they won’t tell you.  After learning about them, you may agree with us that it’s in your best interest to avoid going with a debt settlement company.

What Are Debt Settlement Companies?

A debt settlement company is a business that promises to eliminate or greatly reduce your debt by negotiating new terms with your creditors. These companies perform this service for you for a monthly fee, and in some cases, a percentage of the amount that they save you by reducing your total long-term debt. These companies may even provide you with bad advice on managing your finances and cause you to incur even more indebtedness during the negotiation process.