Bankruptcy AttorneyIf you find yourself in the position of needing to file for bankruptcy, chances are good that you're looking for a professional attorney. You want an attorney that can help you come to a reasonable settlement with your creditors that will give you the breathing space you need to regroup and get back on an equitable footing. 

While hiring a bankruptcy attorney Hinesville is an excellent move, there are a number of mistakes you need to avoid so that you can be sure you’ve have hired the best possible lawyer for your specific needs. The following is a short list of some of the more common mistakes that bankruptcy candidates make, along with some helpful suggestions concerning how to avoid them.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Savannah is a serious legal decision that is not for everyone, but sometimes individuals have no other option if they need to get out from under extensive debt and start fresh. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best option when the petitioner can qualify within the asset and liability allowances established by federal law. But, in Georgia, there are also additional rules of compliance when filing any bankruptcy request, and having an experienced and effective debt relief attorney can make all the difference in crafting a repayment plan that is feasible within your personal budget or devising a plan that could run the risk of not being completed. Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Savannah is a debt restructuring process that requires all debt that cannot be discharged to be repaid over a five-year term. Emerging from that repayment time period generally debt free with a solid credit rating and still in possession of your personal assets is always the focus of a chapter 13 filing. A successful bankruptcy filing will show a clear path to sound financial condition on a predetermined schedule. The following are steps you should take to achieve that financial stability and success:

ForeclosureMost of us dream of making that final payment and actually owning our own homes. While this dream is attainable, over the last few years, an alarming number of people have lost their homes to foreclosure. Whether you have recently undergone a significant life change such as a divorce, or if the loss of a job has prevented you from making your monthly payments, don't give up before you've put up a fight. Foreclosure can make a large negative impact on your credit, and exploring your options on how to avoid foreclosure can help you achieve your long term goals while you overcome a short term problem.

Vehicle Repossession One of the more troubling inconveniences one can face is having their vehicle repossessed. Once you default on a car loan, the car lender may repossess your vehicle and go after you for the deficiency. It is best to avoid such a situation in the first place by electing a loan that works for your particular situation. However, if your situation changes and you can no longer make payments, there are numerous strategies to consider. Whatever the specifics of your circumstances, the following are three ways to avoid vehicle repossession in Savannah GA

Student Loan Forgiveness We all have dreams about what we want to be when we grow up. One dream we never had though was the amount of money it would take us to fulfill our dreams. Although education is essential, it can be very costly. Many thousands of dollars can be borrowed to assist us in receiving the education we need, but it also traps us in debt for decades.

Credit Score

Our society has become largely dependent on credit. If you want to get a mortgage loan to buy a house, if you need a loan to pay for college, or if you simply want to put gas and lunch on a credit card, a company is extending credit to you. The three-digit credit score that defines your credit worthiness is the key to your financial life. Having good credit can make or break your chances of getting a certain car loan, student loan, mortgage, or ability to rent a nice apartment. Your credit information and history essentially show two key things:

  • How likely you are to pay back the money you borrow

  • If you can be considered reliable and responsible (by landlords, insurers, and employers)

The characteristics from your financial life can be extrapolated to other situations, allowing others to infer that you are responsible (or the opposite) in multiple areas of life. This is why having the best credit score you can is truly important. It offers more than just financial implications.

Chapter 13 BankruptcyFiling for chapter 13 bankruptcy in Savannah offers some distinct advantages over a chapter 7 filing. There are, however, specific qualifications that you will need to meet before you will be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


How Do I Achieve Eligibility?

Firstly, you cannot file for Chapter 13 if you are a stockbroker or a commodity broker. However, if you are filing as an individual, you can be a business owner - a partner, a CEO, a sole proprietor, etc. A business name cannot appear on the bankruptcy filing.

Secondly, to file for Chapter 13, your debts must be under a certain amount. The amounts are adjusted for inflation. There are two kinds of debts: secured and unsecured. There is a specific amount that your debts cannot exceed for secured debts, and a separate specific amount for unsecured debts.

You must also attend court-approved credit counseling as part of the filing process for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Savannah. If you have attended this counseling in individual sessions or in a group session, you are eligible for filing for bankruptcy.

Debt Relief Attorney

Many people find themselves under intense financial pressure when their personal budget is stretched to the limit. While some may try settling financial matters alone, sometimes it is a more wise and cost-effective decision to seek experienced legal advice in Savannah or Hinesville. Regardless of individual financial situations, there are several qualities to look for when making the decision to choose a debt relief attorney. A great debt relief attorney can help reduce your overall debt while constructing a feasible payment structure that can relax your personal budget constraints.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Let's face it: you probably aren't an expert on how to untangle yourself from an awful financial mess. You can be swamped with debt but not have any clue who to call. The answer may suprise you: a bankruptcy attorney. Experienced and knowledgeable on all the various aspects of financial distress, a bankruptcy attorney is essential to relieving your monetary anxiety.

The following are perfect times to give one a call:

Credit ScoreYour credit score is a sneaky little number that seems to follow you around everywhere. It can affect your ability to take out a loan or credit card, or to receive the best possible interest rates. But where does the score come from, and how can you improve it? The credit score itself is generated from a credit report. The science behind the score can seem murky and convoluted, and it can be difficult to understand how to raise credit score. Below are some simple starting points to help get you started.