Blog: 2017

bankruptcy attorneyAre you overwhelmed with debt? You’re not alone. According to USA Today, more than 35 percent of Americans are delinquent on one or more of their monthly obligations. Adding credit card bills, child support, medical bills, utility bills, and other debts, it is estimated that the average person owes $5,200 in past due bills. 

Credit CounselingIf you're having trouble with debt, or aren't sure how much debt you're in, it's important to take a long look at it sooner rather than later. Rest assured, though, that there are multiple options to look into, and you won't be alone when you're trying to figure out your options. 

chapter 7 bankruptcyIf you are faced with divorcing your partner and may want to declare bankruptcy, it is important to consider how filing for bankruptcy will affect property you own jointly and separately. Whether you should file bankruptcy jointly or separately depends on the laws in your state regarding marital property.

student loan consolidationYou may have seen the TV commercials about student loan consolidation. A sign of the times, to be sure. Student loan debt in the United States is increasing. This is due to the fact that financial aid and government grants are not enough to offset the increasing cost of college, and family income has not increased much for decades when adjusted for inflation..

bad creditIn many cases, the people who have bad credit are the ones who are in need of emergency funds. If you have a low credit score, then you may think that it is impossible to borrow the money you might need for medical bills, emergency expenses and home repairs. You may also believe that it is impossible to get the funds if you have been denied credit in the past. However, there are some options available if you are struggling with bad credit.

ForeclosureMany people find themselves struggling to pay their mortgage. This can be quite frustrating, but the good news is that there are many programs that can help if you are facing foreclosure.

Free Credit Report"Free" Credit Reports?

Credit reporting websites have devised a new marketing approach in order to comply with new federal laws. They are not advertising "Free Credit Reports" anymore due to complaints from consumers. However, many websites are advertising that they are offering free credit scores.

In 2014, there were 936,795 cases of bankruptcy, a significant drop from the previous year, and a significant increase from the reported filings in 1980. Many people misinterpret the meaning of bankruptcy and associate it with being “broke.” Bankruptcy is meant to shield the filer from creditors while they follow a repayment plan, and comes in many forms that a bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand.

impoundThere may be times in your life when you have trouble paying your bills. Missed days of work due to illness can result in lost wages meaning that you may get behind on your car payments. What happens to your automobile if you get too far behind? 

Reverse MortgagesAdvertisements for reverse mortgage loans are a staple of late night television, direct mailings, and telephone “robocalls.” While such loans can be beneficial to senior citizens when used for paying off debt or as a means of supplemental income in a homeowner’s retirement years, many homeowners do not have a complete understanding of how such loans work and have found themselves in danger of losing their homes at a later time.