Blog: November 2017

Filing for bankruptcy allows you to get a fresh start when you can no longer pay your debts. For this, either flexible repayment plans can be made or your assets can be liquidated altogether. To navigate the legal labyrinth involved, however, you need to hire a competent bankruptcy lawyer.

Being in debt is like being in any other unfavorable situation. It starts with denial. Then, a wave of anger and feeling overwhelmed. The first step to getting on the road to recovery is acknowledging that you are in debt, and that the situation is ugly. You’re not alone; a whopping 80 percent of Americans are in debt. Even though there are many others in the same boat, it’s not a good place to be. Follow these steps to improve your financial situation and get out of debt.

If you've ever gotten turned down for a loan or a credit card that you thought you were going to get, you've probably asked yourself, "What were they looking at?" The truth of the matter is that lenders analyze several pieces of information before they decide to lend consumers money. Some lenders have automated systems that stop the application process before it even touches human eyes.