Blog: March 2017

ForeclosureMany people find themselves struggling to pay their mortgage. This can be quite frustrating, but the good news is that there are many programs that can help if you are facing foreclosure.

Free Credit Report"Free" Credit Reports?

Credit reporting websites have devised a new marketing approach in order to comply with new federal laws. They are not advertising "Free Credit Reports" anymore due to complaints from consumers. However, many websites are advertising that they are offering free credit scores.

In 2014, there were 936,795 cases of bankruptcy, a significant drop from the previous year, and a significant increase from the reported filings in 1980. Many people misinterpret the meaning of bankruptcy and associate it with being “broke.” Bankruptcy is meant to shield the filer from creditors while they follow a repayment plan, and comes in many forms that a bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand.

impoundThere may be times in your life when you have trouble paying your bills. Missed days of work due to illness can result in lost wages meaning that you may get behind on your car payments. What happens to your automobile if you get too far behind?