Blog: March 2016

File BankruptcyIt’s no secret that the economic situation in the United States has been a bit rocky over the past few years. The words foreclosures, layoffs and personal debt have become more familiar than we would like. Many people for the very first time in their lives have looked to bankruptcy as a viable option for managing their debt.

Mortgage PaymentsIn order to purchase a home, the majority of people must agree with a mortgage provider on terms for a mortgage, which is a deferred payment loan system that allows people to enter home ownership without paying for the house in full upfront. This process can be difficult for those with bad credit, but there are certain mortgage providers that will provide affordable and exemplary lower-income or poor credit mortgage options to high-risk customers. The process of acquiring a bad credit mortgage is lined with emotional peaks and valleys; this article will lay out a few main emotional points in the journey and explore how to react and effectively respond to them.

Debt ConsolidationMany people assume, often inaccurately, that high levels of debt can only be overcome by paying it off or filing bankruptcy. The truth is there is a middle ground, and it can provide someone who has not yet passed the point of no return with a variety of alternatives, some of which may be far less expensive both financially and emotionally.

Student LoanEverything in the world of education is a la carte. The only other place this happens is in five star restaurants, and if you are not willing to pay the price, most of the time you simply do not go in. It is impossible to get by in today's world without a proper education, however, and the people behind the rising costs of education know this.

How Does Student Loan Debt Start?

No debt starts out as a huge, unmanageable sum. Everyone goes into their college or university thinking that they can handle the debt with a work study program, a few good loans and perhaps a lucky grant offering. People tend to place themselves in the best case scenario when the potential for debt gets large, and this is the first step to financial failure.

A la carte dinners start off with a relatively inexpensive appetizer. However, you are immediately pressured into getting all of the extras that go along with the first dish; otherwise, you miss out on the "full experience." Because you are already in an overly positive mindset about your financial situation and your money is not officially used up yet, you overspend at the beginning of the process for things that you do not need.

Credit ScorePoor credit is undesirable but unfortunately common among the people of America. It’s a condition that affects millions of people across the globe, as well. The numerical definition of “bad credit” is a score that is below 600 on the FICO scale. People who have bad credit have a difficult time obtaining approvals for affordable auto loans, credit cards, apartment leases and the like. That’s why, if you have bad credit, you are probably asking yourself “How do I raise my credit score in Hinesville?”

Credit usually does not fix itself. It may improve somewhat over many years, but most consumers do not have a decade to wait for the things they need. Avoiding the situation in the first place is the consumer’s best bet. The following are five tips for avoiding bad credit: