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It is a sign of a weak job market that many families are finding themselves in debt. As the number of households in debt has risen, so has the number of Savannah debt collection agencies. In this post we will look at your legal rights when dealing with collection agencies by taking a look at the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

 Loan ForgivenessStudent loan forgiveness is something that allows people to get all or part of their student loan debt discharged.If you’re paying off a student loan this kind of discharge would be very welcome! While this may seem like an easy way to get out of debt, there are several things that you should know about student loan forgiveness, because you must meet some very specific criteria before being considered.

Credit Card SkimmingCredit Card Skimming is a technique that people use to steal information from a person's debit or credit card. There are handheld devices that can be used for skimming. It is relatively simple to get access to these devices. In fact, you can purchase the devices needed to skim a credit card on the internet just by initiating a search with Google..

how does refinancing workRefinancing one's mortgage is trading in an old loan for a new one with a fresh term and interest rate. One can choose to acquire a new mortgage from the bank that initially held their old loan, or refinance with a different lender. Whichever the case, the bank or lender that gives you a new mortgage normally pays off the old mortgage with a new one, hence the word refinancing.

us bankruptcy courtDebt is a problem with a large number of people. Consumers have overwhelming credit card debt, student loan debt, vehicle loan debts and the like. The epidemic hits people for varied reasons such as job loss, disability, household change and irresponsible spending. Once a person gets into the hole with debt, it becomes like a pool of quicksand. The situation gets so far out of hand that only a drastic solution will help.

bad credit cardsCredit card advertising is everywhere, both online and off. Ads for cards show up on websites, in your email and in your mailbox at home. While having a credit card or two can be a sound financial strategy, many people fall into the trap of applying for and using bad credit cards. Using cards with unfavorable terms can rapidly increase your debt and make it difficult to get your finances under control.

bankruptcy lawyerIf you pause for a moment to think about it, you will see that we live in a society that runs on debt. Mailboxes are full of credit card offers and television brings more ads that offer easy credit so you can purchase everything from a vacuum cleaner to a house that needs cleaning. The only problem is that easy credit will also lead to easy debt and that easy debt can pile up until you find yourself with more debt than you can quickly or easily pay off.

bankruptcy chapter 11

Bankruptcy is a legal remedy available to those who need to get control of their finances. The type of bankruptcy filed depends largely upon the type of assistance needed. Below is an overview of Chapter 11 bankruptcy and how it works.

debt consolidation

Many people struggle to pay their bills. A lost job, medical emergency and more can make it so people can't meet their regular financial obligations. There are ways individuals can address these problems. It's possible to get a loan consolidation line of credit, before you need to declare bankruptcy.

foreclosed homes

Foreclosure is a legal process through which the lender in a mortgage loan agreement seeks to obtain ownership and possession of real estate because the borrower is not fulfilling the terms and conditions of the contract. The foreclosure process commences when a borrower fails to make a certain number of agreed-to payments set in the terms and conditions of a mortgage agreement. A person facing the prospect of a home mortgage foreclosure needs to familiarize him or herself with the general elements of the process.