Blog: October 2015


Car RepossessionThe Reality Of Vehicle Repossession
Sometimes an unfortunate situation can plague people when they least anticipate it. A bad set of circumstances can prevent an individual from being able to pay their bills for a brief or extended period of time. As a result of these circumstances, an individual’s car can be repossessed. In this regrettable legal dilemma the rights of the buyer and seller, as well as repossession of a motor vehicle, are described in the Official Code of Georgia, Section § 10-1-36. Getting your car taken away is not an easy thing to deal with, and it is important to note that there are solutions to your problem. Vehicle Repossession in Savannah, GA can be resolved. When it does occur, it's important you have the assistance of an experienced attorney so that you can understand the laws surrounding your situation, and how it can be resolved.

Debt Relief A considerable number of people in the state of Georgia find themselves in need of debt relief assistance. This includes men and women who live in/around Savannah and Hinesville. An experienced attorney like John E. Pytte can provide legal advice in Savannah or Hinesville about an individual's various debt struggles, and how to find a debt relief solution.

Debt Consolidation

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy There are many Georgia residents who need debt relief. They don't want to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy; they just need a plan to help them pay back their creditors. These individuals are able to pay their debts if payments can be adjusted to their income. People in this situation seem to favor filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is also called the “wage earner’s” plan. This enables them to combine their debts and pay them using a repayment schedule mandated by the bankruptcy court. 

Mortgage for Bad CreditBorrowers who have low credit scores often mistakenly believe that it is impossible for them to get a mortgage, so they never make the effort. This can be a serious financial mistake, especially if you're struggling with high rent payments that could otherwise be building equity in the form of a home loan.